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Baby Room

Our baby room caters for ages 3 months to 2 years.The room is bright and airy with a separate sleep room and milk kitchen. The Baby Room is a home from home, helping your child to feel comfortable, secure and loved in a familiar environment. There are areas for messy play, quiet play and dedicated outdoor space.Walks and trips to the park also take place.

We recognise that each child develops differently and activities and opportunities are tailor made and planned to meet your child’s specific needs. These involve sensory experiences with light, sounds, textures & a variety of stimulating toys. Most of all though we are proud to offer warm & loving interactions between your child and his/her key worker.

We believe in forging a close and trusting relationship with you to take the upmost care for your child. Our staff are approachable, open and friendly and are happy to speak to you about your child throughout the day. You’ll be sent a daily diary electronically containing information about how much milk/food, sleep & nappies your child has had. You’ll also receive observations in real time by way of pictures, audio & video clips.

During this time in your babies life he/she will be building neural pathways between the many cells that are present at birth which act as an important foundation for their future development. Some of these are dictated by genetics but your child’s experiences and interactions in their first months and years will physiologically alter your child’s brain.

“A stimulating environment that starts the process of learning and growth. Sights, sounds touch and taste all spark the brain cells to grow and begin to connect up so that your baby begins to recognise the world around them” – Jeni Hooper (Child Psychologist).

Childlink is not like a normal nursery; it’s like a little family. We happily leave our daughter there safe in the knowledge that that she will be cared for, entertained, valued as an individual and most importantly, loved, every single day. As if that wasn’t enough, the staff always have time to talk to us about her development and they are so flexible and willing to work with us and the changing requirements of our family. Simply brilliant”

Childlink Learning Centre


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